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Solution sensée is a manufacturer of sensory and relaxation products since 2003 and has the well being of everyone at heart.

A lot of our products are designed for sensory dysfunctions often seen in people with PDD such as autism, intellectual or physical deficiency or simply hyperactivity  but can also help everyone in the family with or without diagnosis.

We believe that each person has his own sensory profile that permits you to explore your environment and gives you the opportunity to develop relations with others in order to reach your full potential. When a sensory dysfunction occurs, the day to day activities are more complicated and may result in  asocial behavior.  Although It is not always easy to find the cause of this discomfort our products can offer solutions that will help you find your balance and get rid of the daily stress.

Solution sensée supports parents, teachers, therapists and anyone in relation with people who have sensory dysfunctions.

In order to make everyone's life more pleasant we offer sensory solutions  that will either calm or stimulate your senses! Our line of first quality products will help your concentration, your vigilance, the quality of your sleep and make every minute of your day more pleasant.

Browse through our web site to see which product will fulfill your needs!

 Lyne Proulx

 Owner of Solution sensée