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Holiday opening hours



Monday December 24th                CLOSED                        Monday December 31st                    CLOSED

Tuesday December 25th                CLOSED                        Tuesday January 1st                           CLOSED

Wednesday December 26th          CLOSED                        Wednesday January 2nd                  CLOSED

Thursday December 27th               9am to 5pm                  Thursday January 3rd                        9am to 5pm

Friday December 28th                    9am to 5pm                  Friday January 4th                             9am to 5pm

Prorioceptive system

The proprioceptive system informs you of the position of you body in space and gives you the representation of you body image. the receptors are located in the muscles, ligaments and articulations. It is the system that helps develop the muscle tone so you can do your daily tasks.

A good way to better develop this system and help calm the tensions due to anxiety is to work with weight. With that premise in mind, we created products that can be used when playing, working or when relaxing. You should always take in consideration the body weight, the muscular capacity and the sensory need of the user when making your choice.  


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Our weighted products