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Bean bags

Our bean bags have shone over the years the durability, comfort and versatility they offer your. Here are your choices:

  • Our Denim bean bags are really sturdy and offer you comfort and durability. The cotton denim lets the air in giving the bean bag a smooth feeling that molds to your body. Unlike the vinyl bean bags that often crack, the denim one will always stay pleasant to touch. You can use a protective cover to make it easy to clean.
  • the Lycra bean bag is soft and extra-smooth. Use it to relax or to give deep pressure massages. The stretchable fabric makes it not as sturdy as the denim one. It is sold with a Lycra cover that you can remove to clean.
  • The waterproof nylon bean bags are more compact since they are made of fabric that doesn't let the air in. Filled with a mix of Styrofoam beads and oat they can be used as a little cushion to sit on or as a big heavy ball. Ideal for daycare centers!

You can now chose the one that best fits your needs!

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The solution for all polystyrene waste : Polyvert Recyclage an affiliated company of Polyform located in Grandy has a bin where you can bring all your polystyrene waste. If you are not in that region, visit their web site to find other drop points closer to your home.

Call you Ecocenter to find out if they have arrangements with companies that recycle polystyrene, more and more of them do!

Our bean bags